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Riding with Pablo

Cruising through Long Beach

Listening to the news

The horrible awful news of the wars

The Bloody Tyrants

Who revel in their evil practices

All in the name of some version of god or

Some biased practice or “honor”

(never stated is the ideal of killing for the sake of KILLING)

And I’m almost ready to drive into a pole

I’m so done with this fascination with evil

So I switch to my auxiliary channel and up pops

Pablo Casals with his soulful cello trading licks

With the piano

It's soothing yet so deeply melancholy

A perfect juxtaposition

Though not everyone’s cup of tea

for just a moment

the ugliness relents and

I imagine the notes washing over me

pulsing rhythmically

it feels so good


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Raindog, thank you for sharing this strong write.

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