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Tony Moffeit performs Stones in My Pocket

Ten years ago, I took a trip with my friend, Murray Thomas, around

Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. It was a poetry reading series with a

number of stops along the way: Flagstaff, Norwood, Teluride, Boulder,

Lafayette, Denver, Pueblo, Las Vegas and Albuquerque (with numerous

house readings as well). It was quite an adventure!

As to the video, this was our reading with Tony Moffeit at a coffeehouse in

Pueblo, Colorado. Tony was the feature and Murray and I were the opening

acts. Tony performed much of his poetry as a poetry shouter, much like Big

Joe Turner was a blues shouter. As I recall, it was on Halloween and some of

the patrons were dressed up in full regalia. I was doing my best imitation of a

Beatnik while Murray was dressed as a Hawaiian tourist complete with

Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip flops (even though it had been snowing and

was very cold).

I had asked Tony if I could sit in with the guitar player (Rick – I don't

remember his name) and Tony was delighted. So this is the setup. I hope you

enjoy it.

RD. Armstrong

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