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The Good Old Gal

Written while listening to a Howlin Wolf Channel...

I was watching a guy on You Tube

he was a big old country guy

working on a 1947 Studebaker

parked in a field for seventy years

She hadn't run since '75 but he

was determined to bring her back

and after tweleve hours or so he did

and she purred like a good ol' gal

I've got a couple of good ol' gals

who still purr when I'm around

one lives in New Mexico

the other lives in Los Angeles

I love them dearly

tho our love is platonic

but hey that's better than

no love at all

They are still running strong

and older than that '47 Studebaker

even tho both the Studie and

one of my good ol' gals are

held together with “baling wire”

I still like the way they're put together

come to think of it I like the way

all my good ol' gals present themselves

to me it's a miracle that anyone

could care about a rag-tag old man

who continues to hold onto the dream

of being a poet once more.

RD Armstrong

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1 Comment

Georgia Cox
Georgia Cox
Nov 15, 2023

So glad youre back, RD

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